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Welcome To Weighbridge

Weighbridge Technologies is one of the fastest growing weighbridge solutions company having its head office and factory in Pune. We offer complete gamut of weighbridges ranging from 5 Tonnes to 200 Tonnes. All our models are approved by the Ministry of Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs. provides niche quality weigh bridge solutions, accompanies with prompt after sales service. Our products are technically designed to suit the ever-changing needs in the weighing industry with a strong focus on technology, accuracy, efficiency and economy.

Service & Support

Compliance to Legal Metrology

Our policy of strict compliance to Legal Metrology stipulations ensures that your equipment is both accurate and compliant.We offer services for re-verification of weighing equipment and certification by legal metrology.

Upgrade to Avery technology

Our experienced service engineers can audit your existing weighing equipment to explore feasibility of upgrading to globally reknowned Avery load cells & instrumentation.

Maximize Efficiency & Scale

Our trained service engineers work with you to identify potential issues before they arise and resolve them in time to ensure that your equipment is running reliably and accurately

System Enhancements

With our vast experience in weighing and our innovative automation & integration solution portfolio, our engineers can assess your needs and recommend enhancement to your existing weighbridge not only in size/capacity but also in functionality and data management.

Installation & Turn-key Services

Apart from supervising regular installtions, our team of expert Service engineers can also take up turn-key services including civil foundation for the weighbridges, dismantling and re-erection of weighbridges.

Real time Service Management

Our nationwide service network engineers is connected with app based ServiceNow® system having a central control, enabling better tracking, efficient scheduling and effective escalation mechanism for a truly differentiated service delivery experience.


Infrastructure refers to the basic amenities and systems serving a industry, as well as the services and conveniences required for its market to function. Infrastructure is the backbone of any modern business. We have invested profoundly in machinery, production expertise & assessment equipment.


Fatigue Testing, Shot Blasting, Bending Press Machine

Validation Frame

Factory Weighbridge Testing as site condition

R & D

Our modern facility also comprises of a full-fledged R&D division that is recognised by the Department of Industrial Research. It is managed and maintained by qualified R&D workforce that persistently upgrade and innovate to cater the multi-talented demands of various manufacturing segments.

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Why Choose Us

Our business focus includes manufacturing and marketing of Truck Scales, Transient Weighing Products, Rapid Load-out Systems, Machined Components, Speedo Hub Drive for Automotive Sector..

Latest Technologies

90% of Essae installations can be reached within 3 hours.

Best Quality

An ISO 9001: 2008 certified company.

World Class Service

Over 80 professionals across the country to enable reliable service and repairs.

Certified Products

Has proven guidelines specifically designed for Preventive Maintenance and Repairs.