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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does your Company/Organization/Institution need a Website?

Many small and medium sized businesses, ask the question 'Why do I need a Website?', and moreover 'Why should I pay for a Website when I cannot see any tangible benefits?'. The answers to both questions can be summed up with the following three benefits...

  • Improved Corporate/Organization/Institution Image
  • Improved Customer Confidence
  • Increased Sales

Do websites Improved Corporate/Organization/Institution Image?

To a small company/Organization/Institution ‘Corporate Image’ can be seen as something for the big boys who have money and time to spend on developing and refining a corporate image. However, no matter what the size of your Company/Organization/Institution a professionally designed website can both bolster and in many cases help define or improve a Company’s corporate image. At AO Software Solution we pride ourselves on designing each and every site, around the Client’s requirements; we spend time, investigating a Client’s business, and its customers need and perceptions. This enables us both to create a website for the Client, which is visually stunning, and which promotes and improves the Client’s Corporate Image.

Do Websites Improve Customer Confidence?

It is our aim at AO Software Solution to design and develop websites that are as individual as your Company/Organization/Institution, which will provide for your Company/Organization/Institution, this improved level of Customer Confidence and Loyalty.

Do Sales really increase by good and Optimized websites?

As a direct result of the above two points, your Company will be able to increase the conversion ratio, of prospective customers, into paying and repeat customers. A well designed website, is not only a pretty face for your Company, it is an essential part of the success and future of your Company in the 21st Century. A website designed by AO Software Solution, will provide your Company/Organization/Institution with an Improved Corporate Image, Improved Customer Confidence, and in turn Increased Sales

What to do next?

Firstly have a browse around our website; this will give you a better idea of what AO Software Solution is and what work it has done. Then look at our portfolio and click on each of the thumbnails to see some of the sites we have developed, and see how each of the sites, has been tailored to the individual client’s needs and requirements, Then talk to us, either complete the enquiries form or contact us by email, mail or phone. Once we have this material, our designers will input all relevant information into various computer systems, and pull them together to produce a website visual. This will simply be a graphic that shows the proposed design of your Company’s/Organization/Institution new website, which will enable you to verify whether or not the proposed design suites you and your Company/Organization/Institution.Once you contact us, by whatever means, we will take time to determine your Company’s /Organization/Institution needs, and to ascertain what kind of website, best suits your Company.

How ERP is beneficial for Industry?
  • Easy handling of Customers through CRM Integration.
  • Reduction of paperwork & Time.
  • One unified organization with unified data, not islands of information.
  • High Security through multi level Authorization.
  • Availability of the Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time.
  • Online information to the Top management helps reduces opportunity costs associated with delays in decision making (MIS).
  • With integration of information between various departments, there is a better coordination between different departments leading to increased productivity.
  • With a reduction in non-value added activities, employees can concentrate on value added activities
  • Better customer orientation – Better customer service – Satisfied customers.
  • More focus on the top customers and vendors
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