Pay Admin/HRMS

PayAdmin/HRMS is another widely implemented ERP module. HRMS module streamlines the management of human resources and human capitals. HRMS modules routinely maintain a complete employee database including contact information, salary details, attendance, performance evaluation and promotion of all employees. Advanced HRMS module is integrated with knowledge management systems to optimally utilize the expertise of all employees.

Key Features:

Linkage with ARS without any human Intervention.

Time management System with Shift.

Hierarchy Management.

Work Force planning/Recruitment & Training.

Provision for appraisal, leave, Loan & reimbursement.

Auto calculation of PF/ESI, bonus arrear.

Provision for Separation.

Reports for Salary slip, Salary sheet, salary register, ESI challan, PF Statement, Form 3A.

Late coming & Absenteeism Report.

Over Time & Cut Off Management.

Income Tax Calculation.

Tour Management.

Provision for Posting Salary for financial effects.

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