Quality Policy of AO Software Solution

Quality in IT Software defines how easily you can manage your day to day needs and how dependent you can be on technology your day to day work. Quality in IT includes all the aspects from usage, reliability and security.

We have formulated quality aspect in each and every stage of software life cycle and maintain all the documentation. Backup of server are also taken regularly to avoid any sort of disruption in services. We provide manual of do’s and don’ts in the form of manual for each and every software we provide to make it easy to use software. We use high encryption technique for secure data like passwords. We never ask for passwords at any stage. We always work on the new security techniques and technology to improve performance.

We also have built a monitoring system to continuously monitor and warn if any unusual activity is done on server through mails and calls if needed. We also continuously work on load management system and our testing team gives you input on regular basis to optimize data.

R&D is backbone of IT Companies. Our quality mission is to make our product error less and without bugs.

Our company approaches to values:

1. To comply with ethical code of conduct and comply with relevant legislation IT ACT 2000.

2. To avoid copying of content from any other site as per best of our knowledge even though user are responsible for contents.

3. To understand customers need and provide them with the latest solution to the best of our knowledge.

4. We carry out brainstorming sessions with our R&D team for the new innovative solution in each and every new project we get the opportunity to.

5. To continuous do tuning of databases and keep eye on new version upgrades.

6. To check compatibility of the software in all types of mobiles and system and with all version of browsers and android versions.

7. To provide best cost effective solutions and enable access to cutting edge technologies.

8. To make software’s that are easily upgradable.

9. To maintain customer privacy of data to the best of our knowledge to provide misuse.

10. To provide continuous training to employees for fulfillment of our strategic goals and quality standards.

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